My name is Jim Rolon.

I take portraits, I have been doing so for a long time, and I love it. Most of my 30 years of shooting has been spent working commercially; the jobs have been mostly for multinational advertising agencies and graphic designers. My commissions have included books, CD covers, magazine editorial, and exhibitions. Most of my assignments have been in Australia, the United States, Vietnam, and in the Middle East.

While photographing people on location in their familiar environments, I am interested in, and skilled at, capturing my interpretation of what’s real, rather than an idea of what we may desire to be real. The process of capturing and experiencing the essence of a situation, while hearing the immediate sounds of where I’m photographing, excites me. The process of getting to know the person for such a very short intense time is fun.

My work has won many awards. Yet my favourites have been a Silver at the Cannes Advertising Awards, a Commended as a finalist at the Olive Cotton Awards, and being twice a finalist in the National Portrait Prize. The National Portrait Gallery of Australia recently acquired 6 of my images for their permanent collection; the National Library acquired 36 shortly after.

In 2008, my biggest exhibition to date, Local Portraits, opened at the Casula Powerhouse Art Centre. Andrew Ford created the recordings. Radio National's Into the Music produced a broadcast about the exhibition. The Casula Powerhouse had commissioned and acquired these 69 exhibition portraits for their permanent collection.

From 2010, I had been studying and conducting research for a Masters in Design at the University of Technology Sydney. My supervisor was Professor Lawrence Wallen, Head of the Design School. This research, which explored merging digital visual platforms, was submitted in October 2013. I was conferred in 2014 and my graduation was in 2015.

I am continuously working on portraits of local performance and visual artists in their environments, and on the inner city streets of Sydney; and since Local Portraits, I have continued to explore directions in new media.

While experimentation with video as portraiture is a recent passion in using video to feature my still photographic portraits, the addition of voice and music seemingly completes the atmospheric space. Yet with individual still pictures I am always looking for the insightful, interesting, and beautiful observation. Photographic portraiture however is very much the backbone of my work.

After an endorsement from the Australian Music Centre, a matching grant from Creative Partnerships and a successful Crowdfunding campaign, I have photographed
41 of Australia’s very respected composers of classical music, jazz and sound art. This series has been photographed with Polaroid style instant film using very old cameras. The images are then scanned with newer (yet still old) high end printing scanners. This is my most recent project to date. These images will be exhibited by the Australian Music Centre in 2016.