About This Series
In Climate Change Portraits, as a personal project I have been photographing environmentalists, champions of sustainability and climate change activists over the last 9 months (February 2017) as a series. Each portrait subject has been asked to provide me with a statement or quote that sums up what they are thinking about in their sphere of expertise. The portraits are shot in black & white and are presented as squares. The provided quote provides context to the image. These pieces have been posted as banners on social media. As I have been executing this series the story being told to me, about global warming and rapid sea rise, is worse than most inhabitants of the developed world, or for that matter the globe, care to know about. Here are some of the portraits.
Photojournalist Bangkok Elephantstay Ayutthaya Science Journalist Ultimo 350.org Sydney Environmentalist Blue Mountains Artist Bondi Writer & Scientist Melbourne

Jack Picone 
Photojournalist Bangkok