About This Series
Anja is a boxer. In my research for a Masters (of Design) at the University of Technology Sydney (under the direction of Professor Lawrence Wallen), I had worked on another video portrait of Anja in and out of the boxing ring. With this piece, I began to examine one’s perceptions of time and memory, and how our inner remembrances effect what we do. Here are some of the stills from that in progress portrait piece. I like Anja for her bravery, intelligence, and her openness. These images are shot with a Nikon digital camera. The other images in this series are from other portrait pieces about Radical car driver Tony Palmer, actress Sylvia Keays, and comedian Subby Valentine. Tony is professionally driven by the challenge of achieving perfection in speed and racing. He is very generous with his time and very gracious in our discussions. Sylvia is true professional who provided me with a great comic performance. Subby is just plain good and very funny. I have enjoyed photographing Andrew Ford many times. Here, again, are some stills from these portrait pieces. These were, at times for me, a very interesting, and thrilling, experience. All images in this series were shot in 2012 and 2013.
Anja Anja Tony Palmer Sylvia Keays Sylvia Keays Subby Valentine Andrew Ford

Anja on the Street